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Open a free accont with online payment methods

All casinos operate on the account system,  you send them money and your account is credited for that amount. As you gamble, money is credited or debited as you win or lose. When you wish to withdraw money from your casino account you can do so in nearly all of the ways that deposits could be made.
All casinos generally accept deposits by credit card, check, money order, or wire transfer. Recently sites have introduced options like Neteller, Ecocard, Skrill and other similar online payments.
Most people use their credit card because they can deposit money and start playing immediately -- no waiting for the mail system. Financial transactions are handled by secure electronic cash systems similar to those used for other purchases via the Internet. There are many alternatives to using a credit card for online casino fun. Not only do these methods give you an extra layer of protection but most online casinos will give you an extra bonus for using them.


Skrill is a tool that allows you to safely send and receive money via email - instantly.
You can send money from your credit/debit card, transfer money to and from your bank account. Use Skrill whenever you need to send money to someone (settle a debt with a friend, pay for online purchase/auctions...) or when someone needs to send money to youWhat are the benefits of using Skrill?
Secure: with Skrill, you will no longer need to expose your credit/debit card information every time you shop online.Skrill can process the payments for you securely.
Convenient: with Skrill, all you need to send a payment is the recipient's email address. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with complicated bank wire forms and the inconvenience of sending and depositing cheques!
Fast: with Skrill, you can send and receive payments in Internet time - real-time. Borderless: as a truly international payment product.
Skrill is the best and cheapest way to send money cross-border.


NETELLER offers more ways to fund your Account than any other online payment system, with local options in North America, Europe and Asia, and universal options across the globe.

Transferring Funds
Once you have funded your NETELLER Account, you can transfer funds to or from over 1700 online merchants and over 2.3 million individual NETELLER Account holders.
Transferring funds with NETELLER is free and instant. You pay no fees to transfer money to merchants or other NETELLER members, and you have immediate access to the funds in your NETELLER Account.

Withdrawing Funds
NETELLER offers a wide range of withdrawal options, and we are continually providing new, innovative methods for withdrawing funds to serve our customers worldwide.

The security and integrity of your personal information is our top priority.
NETELLER uses the latest technology to provide you with a fast, secure way of transferring funds to and from our merchants and other NETELLER members.

Since the launch of the NETPoints Reward Program, we have awarded over $70,000 to NETELLER members!

The NETELLER ATM CardWith the NETELLER ATM card, you can instantly withdraw funds from your NETELLER Account, from almost anywhere in the world.


ECO CARD is an online payment service, fast and reliable, which does not ask your credit card details and is accepted by various gaming merchants on the Internet.
Simple registration. Convenience and immediacy of use. Secure and free payment transactions. No rejection. Availability of various bonus programs.
Simple contact form for online merchants.
EcoCard is globally trusted
No spare questions are asked during registration You neither have to use your credit card nor disclose your mailing address
All deposits and payments are accepted
You can fund your EcoCard through a network of European banks and alternative payment options worldwide We provide dedicated customer support in your language

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